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The Sloth Spot is dedicated to our furry, slow-climbing friends, Sandy and Sid. Purchase a monthly subscription and help support our loveable sloths. Our monthly subscription service gives you access to our 24/7 sloth cam and a discount on meeting Sandy and Sid face-to-snout. We encourage you to take a look around and become friends with our adorable sloths, Sandy and Sid. 

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Sandy is our two-toed sloth rescued from the jungles of Guyana, north of Brazil. Deana adopted Sandy in January of 2015 and a connection instantly grew between them. Sandy is the most social sloth you will ever meet, which makes for a charming and entertaining friend! 



Sid is the newest member of our wacky family! He is the sweetest sloth to have ever climbed the planet. Deana became aware of an opportunity to adopt Sid from another sloth parent last year and everything fell into place. The stars aligned and Sid seems the perfect counter-part to Sandy. 


Deana Otis opened the Flower Mound chapter of the Earthwise Pet Supply chain in October of 2014. She has served countless pet parents in her time as owner of the store. She grew up interacting with animals and has been dubbed the official "animal whisperer" from her children. Sid and Sandy have been accepted into the Otis and Earthwise family with open arms.  

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